Packages of Hope, Inc. provides needed supplies, such as clothes, over the counter medicines, shoes, bedding, school supplies, playgrounds and toys, to children living in orphanages in desperate conditions.
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Bengbu Projects
We continue to collect funds for the Bengbu SWI in China for needed shoes, jackets and clothing.

Help Fund Foster Families for
Disabled Children from Wuzhou SWI
Packages of Hope is partnering with Lotus Travel to help support specific needs at the Wuzhou SWI in Henan Province. Louie Yi, President of Lotus Travel, has visited this SWI and has witnessed first-hand the needs and the operation of this SWI and concludes that it is very well run, with the needs of the children as the paramount concern. Click Interview to read more Louie Yi’s visit to Wuzhou.

Yi says, “Theirs is a unique foster family arrangement at Wuzhou SWI. Here the foster families live inside of the actual orphanage in their own apartment. The mom is a fulltime foster mom, caring for the daily needs of the 4-5 special needs children; while the dad, though he is a foster dad, works his own regular job outside of the orphanage.”

Arrangements are like a normal family, where kids attend school (if of the right age, and school can handle the special need). The children come home at lunch to eat with foster mom, have a short rest and then return to school. School is over around 5 or 5:30 pm. At that time, children and dad come home and everyone has a family supper. The foster family has their own apartment type of set-up there within the Wuzhou orphanage, so things are very accountable for each family and each foster child.

The goal is to help 12-15 more kids than are currently funded. This would require funding for three more stipends to support a foster care mom. The cost to this is $2000 yuan /$325 USD per month. If 30 adoptive families would be able to give $32.50 per month, this would allow the Wuzhou orphanage to put more kids into this foster care family arrangement. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Make a Dream Come True for Disabled Boy from
Wuzhou to Attend School!
There is a bright and delightful young man living at the Wuzhou SWI, whose name is Wade. He does not live in the foster family apartments, but in the regular orphanage. He He has a bi-lateral hip contracture; though he has had surgery, he is paralyzed.

This orphan has stayed at the Wuzhou Orphanage for 10 years, since he was abandoned. In China, this means, he cannot attend school, unless he has personal help. He REALLY, very badly wants to attend school – it is his dream. Although he has a lively and cheerful personality and is very smart, sensible, studious and tough, he cannot go to school right now due to the disability. Oftentimes in China, for a disabled child to attend school will require a nanny to attend with him and assist him in school each day. He is confined to a wheelchair every day. He really enjoys drawing and creative work; the artwork in this article has been created by him.

We would like to arrange to help for him to go to be able to go to school. This would require the help of a nanny to assist him. The cost on that will be RMB 1,500 (USD $246.00) per month. This will allow him to go to school and use his bright mind and good skills and make a good contribution to society and have a happier life. If you are interested in helping to support this project, please give to the “Wuzhou Project” via Packages of Hope.

We would love to help this young man achieve his dream of attending school!!

Help Needed for Medical Care
We need your help to provide needed medical care for children living in orphanages throughout China. Often times the care is needed immediately, not giving us time to fundraise for the expense. Please help us build our Medical Fund so the funds are available for ongoing care as well as those unexpected emergencies. Thanks so much for your help and support!