2007 Accomplishments

Foster care, nanny training and orphanage improvements to Guiping in partnership with Red Thread Charities.

Winter blankets for the Yujiang SWI

Winter clothing for the Bengbu SWI

Hundres of hats, sunglasses and toys to six orphanages in Africa

Outdoor playground and indoor therapy room for the Mengzi SWI

Rocking horses for the Beihai SWI

Funding for medical care for “Emily” being cared for at Philip Hayden Foundation

Library of Hope for the Xian’an SWI

Outdoor playground, pedal cars, and rocking horses for the Bengbu SWI

Indoor therapy equipment for the ShenYang SWI

Hot water heater provided for the Chifeng SWI

New rubber matting and shoes provided for children living at the QianJiang SWI

Sponsorship that will assist a hearing-impaired orphan boy attending the Siping School for the Deaf

Incubator provided for the Siping SWI

New rubber matting provided for the Xiusan SWI

Provided funding and assistance that allowed for two caretakers to be hired in Gansu province

Supplied monthly supplemental milk powder and fresh fruit provided for the Bengbu SWI

Volunteer assessments were provided at six facilities in China

Dish virus killer for the Siping SWI

Provided donations and assistance to allow spinabifida surgery for child from the Siping SWI

Computer lab with 6 Dell PC’s ordered for the Bengbu SWI

Tumor removal for a child with spinabifida from QianJiang SWI

New shoes for Qianjiang SWI

Stainless steel kitchen countertop for Siping

New incubator for Lanzhou