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Walkers for Orphanages

We provide quality walkers for the children giving them a safe, stimulating way to play and exercise. They cost us about $30 each. Please contact us if you would like to donate towards providing walkers to orphanages in China or if you would like to send walkers to a specific orphanage.

Bouncy Seats

Baby bouncer seats offer a safe and stimulating alternative to lying in a crib. The babies can rock and bounce and enjoy a change of scenery. The orphanage staff is always very grateful to receive these. These bouncers only cost $10 each and that includes shipping to volunteers and orphanages in China. It's an easy and affordable way to improve the lives of the precious children. Contact us if you are interested in donating bouncy seats for children in need.

Rocking Horses

For only $30 each you can provide a rocking horse for an orphan in China. These are sturdy, fun toys that provide the children with a lot of enjoyment. Contact us if you want to donate a rocking horse for a child.

Libraries of Hope

Funds have already been raised to install new libraries at the following orphanages: Suzhou, Beihai, ShenYang, Kaiyuan, Lanzhou, ChangDe, Quanjiao, Dongchuan, Lincang, Siping, Changchung, LianChuan and Jinzhou.

We have chosen these specific orphanages because we have local volunteers in these areas to oversee the libraries. As we acquire more volunteers throughout China we will add more libraries to our list.

We're currently seeking funds for additional Libraries of Hope to provide for orphanages in China.

Libraries range from $600 - $1,500 per orphanage, depending on number and ages of children. Libraries include age appropriate books complete with book shelves, tables, chairs, cots, etc. depending on space available. Contact us if you or an organization would like to donate to the Libraries of Hope Fund or for a specific orphanage.

Chen and his "grandchildren" - Older couple needs help to keep children

Packages of Hope began this project began after reading the LA Times article Loving Others' Rejects about 82 year old Chen who makes his living as a scavenger, barely making enough to get by. Over the years he has found many, many abandoned children and has taken in 42 in all. Chen and his wife currently have 8 children, ranging from 3-13, all living in their cramped three room home.

Through connections and friends we were able to contact Chen and are we have hired two full time employees to assist this dedicated family. Jeff Kircik, Packages of Hope's Field Project Manager for China, recently returned from visiting the family. Read his online journal at:

Current needs for this family include:

  • Diapers for disabled incontinent boy - purchased locally
  • A larger, more adequate place to live - girls and boys currently sleep in the same room
  • Continued funding for hired caretakers - workers assist from 6a-8p each day, making it possible for this family to stay together ($100 per month per worker)

Donate to Emily

"Emily" is almost 2 and has Beta Thalassemia/Cooley's Anemia. She has an enlarged spleen and liver are received bi-weekly blood transfusions. Her current medical expenses average about $200 a month. A bone marrow transplant, if a match if found, could cost up to $50,000.

ChangDeKids and Packages of Hope are committed to funding "Emily's" medical care and respectfully ask for your help. We have several fundraisers available to help cover her medical expenses. We appreciate your support!

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The Mengzi Social Welfare Institute is in need of a new playground. Please help us by donating $100 towards this project. In exchange, you'll receive an adorable ladybug blanket absolutely FREE!

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