Volunteer Opportunities and Positions

As our organization and projects grow, it becomes more difficult to keep up with the happenings on the adoptive family message boards. Most of our volunteers are not in the waiting process anymore so we are out of the loop. We could use a few Scouts who could give us monthly updates about what is going on in the boards, i.e. rumors, feelings about current adoptive issues, and current projects by families/org/groups, etc. *Families in the waiting process who are active on the yahoo groups are ideal for this position.

Think Tank Members

We need people who are interested in being in our "Think Tank" to offer their opinions and suggestions on new ideas, projects and products. When needed, we'll bounce ideas off of you and ask for your feedback.

Need Finders

We need volunteers to help us obtain needed supplies. For example, volunteers can submit letters to various box companies and request a donation of boxes. If we need formula, volunteers contact formula manufacturers and ask for donations.

Regional/International Fundraising Chairs

We are looking for fundraising chairs to represent all parts of the US as well as abroad. Chair duties include: creating awareness about Packages of Hope at area FWCC/adoption events, generating fundraising opportunities and promotions, and finding creative ways to get children involved in making a difference.

To volunteer for any of these opportunities or positions, click here.